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Discover Beauty Excellence with Biologique Recherche at V Esthetic

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The Magic of Personalization

Your skin is unique, and our qualified professionals at V ESTHETIC understand it perfectly. We begin each treatment by performing ain-depth analysis of your skin. This is the start of a treatment experience entirely adapted to yourunique needs, highlighting yournatural beauty.

We are proud to present to you a revolutionary skincare experience thanks to the prestigious range ofOrganic products Research.


At V Esthetic, we do not just offer treatments, buttransformative experiences.


Tailor-made facial treatment “ORGANIC RESEARCH EXPERIENCE”  60min

Enter the world of opulence with thePersonalized treatment Organic Research 60 minutes, a facial experience that transcends expectations of luxury and visible results.

Thisexclusive ritualis a celebration of the art of beauty, designed to elevate your senses and enhance your skin.

From the start, immerse yourself in a world of refinement within-depth analysis of your skin, orchestrated by our skincare expertsBiological Research. Each gesture is carefully executed to unveil your skin's unique needs, laying the foundation for a tpersonalized treatment.

Biologique Recherche's exclusive formulations, rich in rare and powerful ingredients, are delicately applied withexpert massage techniques, creating a symphony ofrelaxationand ofregeneration. Each product, imbued with luxury, envelops your skin with a sensation of sumptuousness, while the precise movements of expert hands awaken thevitality of your complexion.

Price 140€


Tailor-made facial treatment “ORGANIC RESEARCH PERFORMANCE” 90min

Immerse yourself in the height of lust with ourOrganic Facial Treatment 90 minutes research. Designed for an unrivaled sensory experience, every moment of this wellness ritual is a celebration of your beauty.

Our exclusive protocol begins with ain-depth analysis of your skin, allowing our experts to tailor each step to your unique needs.

Discover the power of cellular regeneration with ourdouble mask Biological Research, leaving yourhydrated, revitalized and radiant skin.

Beyond treatment, receivepersonalized advice from our experts in skincare to maintain your glow at home.

Price 180€


Tailor-made facial treatment "ORGANIC RESEARCH Excellence 120 min

Live the experience ofabsolute luxurywith ourexclusive treatment of 120 minutes. Every moment celebratespersonalized beauty, from the relaxing prelude to the imperial final touch. Discover radiant, revitalized skin imbued with pure opulence.


Upon arrival, our dedicated team welcomes you with distinguished hospitality, ensuring a peaceful start to your experience.

Ain-depth consultation with our skin care experts reveals the unique characteristics of your skin, allowing forfine tunning of treatment.

Absorb yourself in a meticulous preparatory ritual, eliminating tension and optimally preparing your skin for the treatment to come.

Enjoy a thigh-end treatment with techniques ofexclusive massages, cutting-edge formulations and innovative technologies, orchestrated to deeply revitalize.

Your skin benefits from an infusion of intensive active ingredients throughtargeted serums and oneinvigorating mask, providing a regenerating and luxurious experience.

An expert facial, neck and shoulder massage soothes your senses, followed by premium finishing products that preserve radiance.

End the experience with informed advice to prolong the benefits at home, ensuring continuity in your care routine.

Price €230 120 min

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