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Skin Cleaning

Skin cleansing is not simply a cosmetic procedure, it is a fundamental step to maintain the health and beauty of your epidermis. At the house ofV ESTHETIC, we firmly believe in the importance of skin cleansing carried out by qualified professionals.


Professional cleaning helps prevent a wide range of skin problems such ascomedones, THEblack dots, THEmicrocysts and theacne. By regularly removing these impurities, we help maintain the balance of your skin and reduce the risk of skin congestion.


Aquadermabrasion Hydraface ANTI-SPOT

Our treatment ofAquadermabrasion goes beyond traditional skin cleansing. It is an immersion in ainnovative technology which combinesdeep hydration hasgentle exfoliation, for refreshed, purified and radiant skin.


Our careHydraface ANTI-SPOT is carefully tailored to meet the specific needs of each skin type.


Whether your skin is normal, dry, oily, or sensitive, our team of qualified estheticians at V Esthetic is ready to personalize a treatment session.Aquadermabrasion which perfectly suits your skin type.


CareHydraface ANTI-SPOTis designed to purify, hydrate and revitalize your skin, giving you a healthy glow and renewed confidence.

Price 120€

Traitement de l'acné

Manual cleaning

At V ESTHETIC, we understand that each skin is unique. OURmanual cleaning is a tailor-made experience, tailored to your specific skin type to target concerns such asenlarged pores, THEcomedones tenacious, themicrocysts Andskin inflammation.

We gently exfoliate your skin to remove impurities, stimulating cell renewal without disrupting the skin barrier.


Our manual approach deeply targets enlarged pores, removing impurities to refine your skin's texture. With special attention, our qualified beauticians gently remove comedones, thereby reducing the risk of blackheads forming.


Discover the difference of ourmanual cleaning signature at V ESTHETIC. Book today and let us guide you to aradiant, balanced skin and enhanced by our exclusive technique.

Price: 1 hour 90€

      1h30 €120



Dermaplaning is a non-invasive skin care technique that uses a thin blade to gently exfoliate the top layer of skin.

The Benefits of Dermaplaning at V Esthetic:

 Deep Exfoliation : Gently remove dead skin cells and facial hair to reveal smooth, glowing skin.

 Improved Product Penetration : Dermaplaning promotes better absorption of care products, thus maximizing the benefits for your skin.

Complexion Lightening : Obtain an even and luminous complexion thanks to the elimination of impurities on the skin's surface.

 Instant Sensation of Softness : Enjoy an incredibly soft skin feeling from the first dermaplaning session.

Price 45 min 85€

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