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beauty center V ESTHETIC - Facial care expert wishes you the  Welcome

The beauty salon V Esthetic is located in NICE CITY CENTER. Our center specializes in facial care for women and men and uses the latest innovations to treat different skin problems:ACNE, PIGMENTARY SPOTS, STRETCH MARKS, WRINKLES, FINE LINE, DARK DARK LINERS, Puffiness, ENLARGED PORES...

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Customized facial treatments with Biologique Recherche dermocosmetics

Biologique recherche facial

Welcome to V ESTHETIC, your exclusive destination for BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE in Nice. In partnership with the prestigious French brand Biologique Researche, our beauty center offers a unique experience dedicated to excellence in skin care. Each treatment is designed to provide personalized approach, adapted to your skin type and your specific needs.

Our team of qualified beauticians has been trained according to exclusive Biologique Researche methodology. Based on a clinical approach to the skin, this methodology takes into account the particularities of each moment of skin to offer lasting and visible results.

Explore Biologique Recherche care and find out how V ESTHETIC in Nice can give you an exceptional experience!

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V ESTHETIC Beauty center

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The beauty center V ESTHETIC- Facial care experts seeks individual perfection for each client. Thanks to personalized treatments sometimes mixing different techniques to obtain the desired results. We have selected the best facial care products, with formulas particularly rich in active ingredients and which respect your skin and the environment.

V ESTHETIC -Facial care experts uses the latest innovations to have a visible results to resolve the different skin problems:acne, post-acne scars, pigmentation, enlarged pores, sagging skin, dark circles, wrinkles...

Bright, cozy and refined setting, here your time becomes precious! 

Relax in our expert hands to give a second life and new radiance to your skin, and let yourself go through our beauty rituals for the greatest pleasure and the awakening of your senses.

But above all, before any treatment, we establish a precise diagnosis to know what suits your face best and we explain how to maintain your skin. 

Whether you are a man or a woman, taking care of your skin regularly at the beauty salon is essential key to fight against the time marks, spots or pigment imperfections...


Your V ESTHETC- Expert facial care beauty institute offers you complete facial treatments: microneedling,aquadermabrasion,microdermabrasion, skin Cleaning to remove impurities and blackheads,anti-aging careto maintain toned skin,peels and moisturizing care or eveneye contour care for a more rested look.


After the dermocosmetic facial treatment  in our beauty institute in Nice, your face will be radiant.

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No. 1 Exilis Elite-skin sagging treatment

exilis elite nice


How Does Exilis Elite Firm Your Skin?

  • Collagen stimulation : Radiofrequency targets the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating the natural production of collagen, the essential element for firm and elastic skin.

  • Improved Elasticity : Revitalized collagen improves skin elasticity, visibly reducing sagging skin and signs of aging.

  • Sustainable Results : The benefits of collagen stimulation do not stop at the end of the session. Results continue to improve over the weeks, providing natural, long-lasting beauty.

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V ESTHETIC beauty institute offers specific treatments for men

Our Nice men's facial treatments are designed for men's skin and meet the needs of today's modern man.

Designed especially for men, our treatments integrate the characteristics of your skin to improve it and make it clear and healthy.

Personalized for your skin, they offer you an experience of well-being and immediate results, in a relaxing environment.

 And that's not all for men!  We will take care of your hands by giving you a Business MAN manicure and for your feet we will offer you Pedispa and even makeup if you are alive.

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At V ESTHETIC we believe that every gesture of care deserves to be exceptional. Our store is your essential destination to discover the excellence ofdermocosmetics, combining science with beauty, with renowned brands such asBiological Research, mesoestetic AndJane Iredale.


Explore our carefully selected collection of these prestigious brands in our welcoming boutiqueNice. Each product has been chosen for its exceptional quality and proven results.

Transform your skincare and makeup routine withV ESTHETIC, Atheart of Nice, by combining the power ofBiological Research to the regeneration ofMesoestetic and the natural beauty of Jdonkey Iredale.

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