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Test the rlifting eyelashes Nice YUMI LASHES eyebrow restructuring withBROW LIFT dye Nice!

For those looking for Nice makeup and skincare in the same bottle will love itJane Iredale Nice mineral makeup. 

Treat yourself, take care of your beauty 
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The beauty of eyelashes and eyebrows

          The eyelashes Andeyebrowsdefine the balance and harmony of the face, which is why their beauty should not be neglected.

They play on the expression, the look. They transmit your personality if you focus on drawing their lines well.

Natural or sophisticated, thin or thick, youreyebrows should never be neglected because they structure and above all beautify your look.

            V Esthetic beauty institute offers you many techniques:

 To open and beautify your eyes naturally we have the treatment for you“Creation of the gaze” includingNice eyebrow restructuring with Nice eyelash dye AndNice eyebrows.

You have short or long eyelashes,Nice eyelash enhancement will open your eyes and give it intensity. We proposeYUMI LASHES Nice eyelash enhancement includingthe dye Andcare to thekeratin.

PackageYUMI LASHES AndYUMI BROWS are offered to you.

For youreyebrows we recommend a lasting solution for careYUMI BROWS includingeyebrow lamination,restructuring,keratin dye and treatment.

Oily toeyelash tinting Andeyebrows your gaze will be more intensified and deeper.

Nice Makeup

Treat yourself to makeup done by a professional makeup artist with mineral cosmetics Jane Iredale and other professional brands.V Esthetic beauty institute offers you makeup sessions for all occasions in your life. Depending on your desire, opt for natural or more sophisticated makeup to highlight your personality, assert your features and enhance your beauty!

nice makeup.jpg

- Day makeup  -   light, subtle and ultra-natural makeup;          

- Evening makeup -   a more complete, more sophisticated, shinier makeup, adapted to your outfit, your style, your desires…               

- Bride and groom makeup  must sublimate you                   

Men's makeup -we arespecialized to highlight thebeauty masculine

 We can also give you advice and teach you how to apply makeup     

- Self-makeup course 1:30h                                       


Your preferred services


YUMI LASHES is an enhancement treatment for natural eyelashes, it does not require eyelash extensions. YUMI LASHES straightens the eyelashes upwards, giving them height, volume and density. The YUMI LASHES effect lasts 8 to 12 weeks and can be done 5 times (i.e. all year round without any worries). YUMI LASHES VERSION 2.0 has selected the active ingredients in the treatment such as Panthenol and Keratin in order to best respect natural eyelashes so that they are strengthened and protected at each stage of the treatment. YUMI LASHES VERSION 2.0 treatment was designed, created and certified in France and has passed all EU regulatory tests. 


                         YUMI BROWS (eyebrow lamination, restructuring, stretching and keratin treatment) 

The interest of YUMI BROWS lies in its ability to enhance the eyebrows without having to resort to permanent makeup. It is a concept combining eyebrow restructuring and tinting, but it is also a complete hydrating and nourishing eyebrow treatment. The treatment is personalized, and unique to each client for a lasting solution lasting from 6 to 8 weeks

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