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Exilis Elite treatment skin tightening and fat reduction without surgery

Exilis Elite is used to treatlove handles, bingo wings (flabby arms),saddle bags on the hips and thighs, Lpost-baby bellies, THE neckturkey and shoving in the face.


Fat deposits in hard-to-reach areas can be reduced, all with lasting results provided the patient continues to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.


It is suitable for people withstubborn fat deposits, mild to moderate, and can delay or even eliminate the need for more invasive treatments, such asliposuction Andfaceliftsin the future.


Exilis Elite produces two distinct expected results in one device: it is the latest innovation to target problem areas (wrinkles,sagging skin, excess fat andcellulite), both in women and men. 

Exilis Elite is recommended for anyone aged 25 to 70 who is looking for an aesthetic improvement to their face or body. Its patented technology guarantees safe and superior results and achieves healthy-looking skin.


For best results, the recommended initial treatment is 4 - 6 sessions spaced approximately 7 to 14 days apart.


Manual lymphatic drainage

Institut V ESTHETIC is pleased to offer you theLymphatic drainage for your body.

Lymphatic drainage is recommended for people who wisheliminated toxins of his body, which suffers fromheavy legs Orbelly bloating.Lymphatic drainage not only improves the appearance of the skin, but refines the silhouette. Ideal for people whosuffers from water retention.

The result is immediately after your lymphatic drainage session. For a more lasting result, it is recommended to do a lymphatic drainage treatment twice a week for 5 weeks.


Whole body 1 hour 120€

Half body 40 min €80

Face 40 min 80€

Treatments 10 full body sessions 1000€

10 half body sessions €700

10 facial sessions €700

Therapeutic massage

Anti-cellulite massage

At V Esthetic, we understand the importance of feeling good about yourself, and that's why we're delighted to introduce our beauty service to you.anti-cellulite massage.


Our experienced team uses specific techniques to target areas affected bycellulite. Precise movements promoteblood circulation and help eliminate toxins, thereby reducing the appearance ofcellulitefor smoother and toned skin. By combiningspecific movements and ansuitable pressure, our therapists help to tone the subcutaneous muscles. Thistoninghelps to strengthen the structure of the skin, thus improving its firm and youthful appearance.

At V Esthetic, we believe in the connection between physical and mental well-being. Ouranti-cellulite massages are not only intended to improve the appearance of your skin, but also to promote an overall feeling of well-being and balance.

Price €85 45 min


Relaxing body massage

Immerse yourself in an unparalleled sensory experience with ourRelaxing Body Massage at V Esthetic. Free yourself from daily stress and treat your body to the ultimate luxury of relaxation. 

THErelaxing massage of the body offers a multitude of benefits both physically and mentally. Here are some of the common benefits associated with this practice:

  • Stress Reduction : THErelaxing massage helps reduce levels of cortisol, a hormone linked to stress. It promotes general relaxation, calming the nervous system.

  • Muscle Relaxation : The gentle and slow movements ofmassage help to release muscle tension, improving flexibility and reducing stiffness.

  • Improved Traffic : The movements ofmassage promote blood circulation, which can help increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients to tissues, as well as eliminate toxins.

  • Pain Relief : THErelaxing massage can ease muscle and joint pain, helping to relieve symptoms related to conditions such as arthritis or chronic tension.

  • Improved Sleep : THErelaxing massage often promotes better quality sleep by reducing anxiety and calming the nervous system.

Price 90€ 60min/ 135€ 90 min

Back massage
massage du visage
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