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Beautiful hands are a sign of elegance and well-groomed feet are pillars for your body!
The beauty institute "V ESTHETIC-Facial Expert" invites you to enjoy its Nice nail salon, through manicures and pedicures for women and men. Enhance your gel nails with trendy colors.

Beauty of HANDS

Do you know that your hands are your business card?

Very often exposed, our hands deserve a diligent beauty routine.  At “V ESTHETIC”, ournail baris at your service! Our beauty institute in Nice offers you thenail extensions,applying semi-permanent varnish Orgel applicationwith combined manicure. You can beautify yournails with a wide range ofgel colors orsemi permanent polish quality. In ournail bar your nails will receive theideal application of gel or varnish with careful work around cuticles and hand care.

Occasionally or regularly, you can come and enjoymanicure in our beauty institute in Nice and associated care. They are beneficial to the good health of your nailsand your skin.

Beauty of FEET

The beauty of the feet consists of care and beauty of toenailss, when it is carried out by a specialist. This service begins with a bath to prepare the feet for the treatment:scrub or peeling, mask, repairing or moisturizing creams. THEnails are then polished and filed, and you can choose whether or not to applya foot varnish, a color gel or Nice semi-permanent varnish. It is also a treatment forrelaxation.

At "V ESTHETIC - Facial care expert" you will find your feet with baby skin. We pay particular attention tocalluses of the feetand working around the cuticles of the feet.

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